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Jack's Photo Album

Don't worry, I'm not going to make you download 'em all at once. Here's a menu with descriptions. Click the thumbnail images for a larger view.

New! Me'n'Steve Albini at TapeOp Con, May 2002.
Therapy? during 2001 Seattle sessions for their "Shameless" album.
Photos I took of Manzanar National Monument, a former internment camp for Japanese-Americans during WWII.
Jack and Brasilian band Titãs during Rio/Seattle 2001 sessions for the album A Melhor Banda.
Mudhoney and Wayne Kramer (ex-MC5 guitarist) together!
Pictures from my 1999 visit to Portugal... check these out for a surprise.
Live shot of Seattle band the Catheters, 6/99.
Some 1999 pictures whose only common factor is that they have Tim Kerr in them...
An actual 3D photo. I do not jest. Take a look.
Photos of Monkeywrench during 11/99 Seattle sessions for their "Electric Children" album.
Photos of Nebula during Seattle sessions for To The Center.
Brasilian band Titãs in Seattle 6/99, recording the album As Dez Mais.
Burning Heads (from France) during Seattle sessions for Escape album, 7/99.
Zen Guerrilla during sessions for Trance States in Tongues, May '99.
Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickenson.
The pyramids of Teotihuacan, north of Mexico City. This is a wide-angle composite of five photos I took. May take a bit longer to load...
Gallery of obscure Mexican guitar amplifiers.
One of the strangest pieces of ancient studio gear I've ever seen: The 'Blonder-Tongue Audio Baton'! Must see to believe.
...And these are the wierdest drums ever. You will agree with this.
Here are some photos of my band Skin Yard, 1985-1991.
Jack with the actual snare drum used to record "Back in Black".
Great Linford Manor: A Studio I worked at in England
Great Linford Manor: the 400-yr-old church and the cemetery grounds next door
At the other end of the scale, here's Calvin Johnson and his (old) Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Wa.
Grutas de Cacahuamilpa: Enormous caves in central mexico
An extremely old and ornate Spanish colonial cathedral in Taxco, Mexico
The Beast. The Beast is very important

All photos by me unless noted otherwise.
Thanks to Reyza Sageb for scans.