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I have HAD a private e-mail newsletter mailing list for whoever might be have been interested in occasional news and rantings from Endino-land.

Such a deal. I've been doing these newsletters since 1998. If I get too busy there can be long intervals between 'em but of course that gives me more stuff to write about.

2020 NOTE: Sometime since mid 2019, Mailchimp DELETED MY ACCOUNT WITH NO NOTICE. Entire mailing list: gone with no backup! OK so I'm an idiot for trusting them. But my last newsletter was 2016, so they probably figured it was an orphaned account. Can't blame 'em I guess. Doubt I will attempt a newsletter again.

What to do? Facebook and Twitter (I'm on both) are toxic and I don't even like to login there anymore. I post occasionally about records I'm doing but it's hard to get excited about it. Too much work to do. I do have an instagram page at #jackendinoseattle, but also hardly use it. If you need to contact me, use the contact link on my bandcamp page.

2014 Note: I recently switched over to Mailchimp to handle my list, as it was getting impossible to maintain the list by hand. Mailchimp is well-regarded and quite ethical. Your email address is safe.

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