Therapy? in Seattle, recording "Shameless" Jan/Feb '01 at Robert Lang Studios


Andy Cairns considers whether to give me back my brain.

When we were recording our Turbonegro tribute, "Denim Demon," the guys started getting into character. Hey Martin, that's MY denim jacket...


At left, Michael, Andy, Graham, assistant engineer Brian Valentino, Martin and myself. At right, Martin sawing on his electric cello.



At left is my Amp Wall which we used during overdubbing (not all at once of course). From top, the Golden Gate, 1978 Marshall JMP-100 (formerly owned by Burning Heads), 1965 50-watt Bassman, 1972 100-watt CFA100 Bassman (modded), 1968 AB763 Twin (modded), and The Duncan. There were others. Speaker cab was elsewhere. Who needs a Pod? At right, I show you a sampling of the Therapy? Studio Diet. Hey, if it works...



Important pieces of equipment during "Shameless" sessions: the API board at Bob Lang's studio, and Red Oval Farms Stoned Wheat Thins (low-sodium only, please), a critical part of my own studio diet, as any client will tell you.


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