Skin Yard '85-'91

Here's a rare photo of our first lineup, '85-'86. L to R: Jack Endino (g), Ben McMillan (v), D. House (b) and Matt Cameron (d). (Photo by Charles Peterson. Do not copy without including photo credit.)

Skin Yard at a show in Bellingham, Wa. in late '88. Coffin Break and Nirvana opened this show. L to R: D. House (b), Ben Mcmillan (v), Scott McCullum (d), Jack (g). Photographer unknown.

Skin Yard at the end of our Oct-Nov '91 European tour. This was also our last tour. Say bye-bye, guys! L to R: Barrett Martin (d), Ben McMillan (v/g), Jack (g), Pat Pedersen (b). Photo by our unstoppable road manager/driver Tina Van Der Straaten. (Hi, Tina, wherever you are!)

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