A Stereo 3D Image

 I took these pictures at the ruins of Bull Moose Mine in southwest Nevada, sort of a ghost town. 3D photos have been a hobby of mine since I was a wee lad. You take a photo, then move the camera 3 or 4 inches to one side and take the exact same photo. Then after they are developed, you hold 'em side by side at arm's length, cross your eyes until you see three images, and try to bring the middle, composite image into focus. Your eyes and brain may not be able to do this, and even if you can you'll end up with a very strange eye-ache and be dazed for a second, but if it works it's a definite "wow". Give this one a shot. You'll probably have to move your chair way back from the monitor (3 feet or so), and try your darndest to ignore the browser window and these letters and anything else other than that 3rd, middle, "phantom" image as your eyes cross. Oh yeah, your head and eyes need to be exactly level horizontally with the pictures, not tilted sideways in the slightest. It may take a couple minutes. Good luck.





Sorry if it makes your head hurt.


Below are some more images (not 3-D) from the same place, just in case you are curious.




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