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Skin Yard 1st CD. 25K JPEG.
Skin Yard 1st Vinyl. 25K JPEG.
"Skin Yard"(1st Album)

C/Z 003, recorded '85-'86, orig. released Jan '87, approx. 1400 vinyl copies, all on translucent skin-tone vinyl (really! We asked for "clear", i.e. like glass, but that's what the clever people at Futuredisc gave us) except a few hundred were black for all those DJ's we thought would play it. Later issued on C/Z CD (pictured) with one song dropped and 7 songs added, two of which were from our first 7", "Bleed"/"Gelatin Babies" (C/Z 004). In Spring '92 Cruz records re-issued the CD and the vinyl; the vinyl had a slightly different track selection from the original vinyl. Cover painting is by Beth Hendrickson, who still has the original. Matt Cameron drums on all except "Bleed" and "Out of the Attic" on which Jason Finn plays. Recorded on an AKAI MG-1212 12-track (!) except for 7 songs which are 4-track TEAC A-3340S. Recorded (as ever) by Jack, assisted by Bruce Jones and Gordon Raphael (later of Sky Cries Mary, now known for producing The Strokes' debut album in 2001... go Gordon!).

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Those who played:

Ben McMillan: vocal; sax on 6.
Jack Endino: guitar and slide; fuzz-wah-slide bass on 11.
Daniel House: bass; piano on 11, fuzz bass on 16.
Matthew Cameron: drums; percussion OD's on 6.
*Jason Finn: drums on "Bleed" and "Out of the Attic."

All the songs from all the versions of this record:

1. Skins in my Closet [music Jack, lyrics Ben]
2. Reptile [music Matt, lyrics Ben]
3. Epitaph for Yesterday [music Daniel/Jack, lyrics Ben]
4. The Blind Leading the Blind [music Daniel/Jack, lyrics Ben]
5. Scratch [music Jack, instro]
6. Burning the Candle (only on original vinyl issue) [music Daniel, lyrics Ben]
7. Dear Deceased [music Daniel/Jack, lyrics Ben]
8. Stuck in a Plan [music Daniel/Jack, lyrics Ben]
9. Jabberwocky [music by Skin Yard, lyrics Ben]

10. Gelatin Babies (CD and reissue vinyl only) [music Daniel/Jack, lyrics Ben]
11. Bleed* (CD and reissue vinyl only) [music Daniel, lyrics Ben]

12. Out of the Attic* (CD only) [music Daniel/Jack, lyrics Ben]
13. Skinstruction (CD only) [music and lyrics Matt, bridge by Jack]
14. Red Tension (CD only) [music Daniel/Jack/Matt, instro]
15. The Birds (CD only) [music Daniel/Jack, lyrics Ben]
16. She Shook Me Cold (Recorded Live - CD only) [David Bowie]

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