Jack's Garage Sale

My solo records "Angle Of Attack" (1990) and "Permanent Fatal Error" (2006) are now available for download via BANDCAMP, with art, notes, credits etc. "Angle Of Attack" is completely remastered (by myself, from the original tapes) and has several bonus tracks from the same era. You can still get my "Permanent Fatal Error" CD from CDBaby or download it from iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, etc. Or buy it from me directly if you want me to sign it. :-)

For Skin Yard records, go to the Skin Yard Official Site and follow the links. Most are now available for download, remastered by me, and also magnificently remixed in the case of our third album "Fist Sized".

I still have some vinyl and CD copies of the first Skin Yard record, as well as CD copies of the fifth Skin Yard record "Inside The Eye" and the rarities comp "Start At The Top". Also some vinyl copies of the Kandi Coded record "Fell For The Gift", a killer record by the band I was in 2007-2010, as well as some CDs of the "Endino's Earthworm" record from 1992. I have the "Rumble" vinyl EP, and "Basment Sessions Vol 1&2" on vinyl and CD. I have a few Skin Yard T-shirts also. If interested in any of these, write to me via the contact link at my Bandcamp page (way down at lower right on the page, where it says "For all other inquiries click here") and we can work something out.

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