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***LINKS To Other Freelance Producer/Engineers!***

Alex Newport's website.
Steve Fisk's website.
Kip Beelman's website.
Johnny Sangster's website.
Tim Kerr's website.
Scott Colburn's website.
Greg Sage's website (Wipers guitarist).
Eddie Ciletti's website.
Tony Visconti's website.
Bob Clearmountain's Website.
Kevin Shirley's website.
Barry Rudolph's website, even more sprawling than mine!
And here's a specific section of Barry's site you may find interesting... he has collected a huge amount of outboard gear recall sheets and made them available as downloadable PDF files, an excellent use of the Web. Check it out.

And I am most pleased to have swapped links with Moses Avalon, the pseudonymous author of "Confessions of a Record Producer." Check out his "Online Royalty Calculator."

Here's some other interesting links that just didn't fit elsewhere on my site.

Charles Peterson, ace photographer, finally has his own site!

ZINKY AMPLIFIERS The shit. One of my favorite guitar amps in the whole world (and I've got a pretty big pile of 'em). You can ask many of my clients who've ended up using it in the studio in the last year and a half.

Bob Katz's Digital Domain An extraordinarily GREAT site with massive amounts of technical info from a well-known mastering engineer. Bob's book "Mastering Audio" (see website) is also highly recommended!!!

Tape Op Magazine, "the creative music recording magazine". This is the only 'indy-rock' recording magazine! It rules!

Official Titãs English-Language Website Here's info about that Brazilian band I've done 4 records for, now in a form accessible to us gringos. Titãs is the biggest rock band in Brazil. (No, they are not a thrash metal band.)

The Melvins. Here they are. Deal with it.

Emerald City Guitars, a cool music store in Seattle with a cool site.

The Trading Musician, the biggest used musical instrument store in Seattle. Seems like half my friends used to work there. (I used to live next door, which was a dangerous thing.)

Jim Blanchard's website... twisted and perverse comic artist and a friend of mine.

Metro Music, one of my favorite places for obscure, rare, collectible and imported CDs.

Crypt Kicker Five Here's a new website for a band I was in back in the late 80s. Our guitarist/singer Rhonda made this site. (She now has a band called Mighty Shiny. The other guitarist Chip has a surf band now called Mercury Four.) At the same time I played guitar in Skin Yard ('86-'92), I played drums for Crypt Kicker Five, one of Seattle's strangest bands (yes, the name is a reference to Bobby "Boris" Pickett). We were sort of Mediterranean Garage Techno-Surf, if that helps any. We were 1 Mosrite + 1 Tele + 1 Fretless bass + 1 '67 Ludwig Kit + 2 Female vocals. Our only output was a single and two comp tracks, but I recently (Feb 2002) finished mastering all our studio recordings, 17 songs in all... might do a limited-run CD of this stuff. Stay tuned.

RecordStoreReview.com, a new continent-wide database of indy record stores.

Future of Music Coalition This is a great site.

Bandradio.com This is a good site dedicated to the "indy" musician, with lists of college stations, magazines, etc.

CDBaby A Portland, Oregon-based online CD store catering exclusively to indie bands.

The American Tinnitus Association. "My ears are ringing, and I can't answer 'em!" Non-profit organization funding tinnitus research. 35 bucks per year membership gets you their magazine, Tinnitus Today, with regular news about new research, the search for a cure, etc. ATA is the most up-to-date source of tinnitus info anywhere.

The Fully-Informed Jury Association. Concerned about people being thrown in jail for victimless crimes? Browse this site.

The official Pere Ubu website. See the way in which one band does business.

Billboard Magazine Online All the weekly pop music charts you could ever possibly want.

C/Z Records A Seattle label that was there before Sub Pop. The official website! Be sure and tell Daniel I sent ya...

Electronic Frontier Foundation Standing up for a free internet.

Ptolemaic Terrascope Magazine (UK) A way-cool "illustrated occasional."

American Civil Liberties Union Standing up for the Bill of Rights. See for yourself.

Nolo Press A noted legal self-help publisher. Lots of great books and info.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State I feel pretty strongly about this, and anyone with more than a complete idiot's grasp of human history should be able to figure out why.

Music Books Plus Online bookstore, taking up where Mix Bookshelf recently left off.

Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters. Essential.