What's Up With Jack...

1 Aug 2015

Livin' life... playing in 3 or 4 bands, maybe 5?... recording more records... fixing amps... recapping the Trident 80B at Soundhouse... hiking a lot... getting some sun for a change... and finally trying to make this damn website more mobile-friendly.

14 Mar 2015

Added a ton more records to the Discography... Lots more going on... expect a Newsletter soon.

16 Apr 2014

Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony, Brooklyn, NY... just went there as a VIP guest to watch Nirvana get inducted. Insane! See my Facebook page for pics and posts about this!

02 Aug 2013

Did some work related to the In Utero Deluxe Reissue, but if I told you specifics, I'd have to kill you. Oh, and finally added 10 records (so far) from 2013 to my discography.

19 July 2013

Sub Pop's "SP25" Jubilee, 7-13-2013... OMFG. Played a very nice set with my band, Endino's Earthworm, in front of the biggest crowd I've played to since Wellwater Conspiracy opened for Pearl Jam in Nov 2000. Pics and vids are gathered at the Official Facebook page for Endino's Earthworm.

6 July 2013

It's a bit strange being in a kickass rock band again. I am facing that eternal question once more: promote myself as a record producer, or as a musician? I've been juggling these two things my whole adult life. Right now, I have shifted the balance more toward the musician side of things, though still welcoming whatever production work comes along. Summer is here and Endino's Earthworm has some pretty sweet festival gigs coming up.... July 13th, the Sub Pop 25th Jubilee; August 17th, Hempfest; Sept 7th, Pain In The Grass at the Gorge in George, WA. Of course, none of these festival gigs feature any "payment" (a quaint concept, SO last century)... but who gives a shit. It's nice to be up there ripping people faces off again. And oddly enough... I finally figured out how to sing. Oh, I always knew, the proof is on the solo records after all, but... pulling it off live, while thrashing my guitar, was always the challenge. But those three years singing backup with Kandi Coded seem to have paid off. (And actually the Earthworm is 3/4 of Kandi Coded, back from the dead...)

20 Apr 2013

I still need luck... Wordpress is pissing me off. Site redesign is moving forward however; this page and the "Discography" will be last. (It's frames-based and barely works on smartphones.) In the meantime, I'm in two bands: playing bass for Rocket Surgery, and playing guitar and singing for Endino's Earthworm, and both bands are playing shows.

1 Sept 2012

That's it... I'm transitioning this whole mess of a website over to Wordpress! Wish me luck! [2015 Note: Haha! That was a failed endeavor... site got hacked almost immediately.]

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