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I have a private e-mail newsletter mailing list for whoever might be interested in miscellaneous news and rantings from Endino-land on a semi-regular basis, usually just a few times a year. This enables me to:

Such a deal. I've been doing these newsletters since 1998, and almost no one has ever unsubscribed. If I get too busy there can be long intervals between 'em but of course that gives me more stuff to write about. If you ever want to unsubscribe, don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings.


This mailing list is, and will remain, COMPLETELY PRIVATE. No one else will get your e-mail address, period. (Love that "BCC" "Blind Carbon Copy" feature!) Let me explain: There's no central server anywhere with your email address in a database... I hand-paste the addresses in groups of 25 into the BCC window of my POP email program, and then send manually from my own computer. This mailing list exists only on my personal hard drive. Hey, I'm old school... the email addresses are NOT in my "address book", they're just a text file in a separate location. Email viruses can't touch me or your address... in fact I've never seen a Mac virus in 18 years, and most of my web work is done via Linux now anyway.

If this sounds interesting, write to this address:

and just put the single word OK as the subject (or, really, whatever you want). You don't even need to put any other text in the letter (unless you're using AOL mail, which insists on it). I don't check this mailbox often, usually just when I'm about to send out a newsletter, so don't send anything urgent to it. Please, no spam, band mailing lists, gig listings, MP3s, etc.

(If you want to contact or correspond with me for any other reason, please read this... thanx!)

Possible future subjects: analog tape rides off into the sunset, vacuum tube technoid trivia, rants about click tracks, digital hoo-hah, new format wars, who I'm recording, more record industry insanity... whatever! I'm open to suggestions... got any?

Previous Newsletters are archived in HTML format at this URL:

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