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Jack Endino Newsletter 7.0, Dec 2002


Greetings my stalwart and patient subscribers...

I just realized it's been a full year since I sent out a proper newsletter. I guess I was too busy slaving away in the rock and roll salt mines. This was a crap year in so many ways, though I had plenty of work at least. Political matters are kind of bumming me out too these days, but let's not go there. (Hint: having to hear the word "NUCULAR" over and over.) All my writing energy went into a huge two-part article for Tape Op magazine, "Guitar Tuning Nightmares Explained," which I was threatening to write as far back as Newsletter #1. If you're a guitarist or bassist, you really, really should read these; there is some information you've probably never seen before. Sorry I didn't let my subscribers see it first, but I just finally managed to post these on my site, cuz Tape Op sez the rights remain with me (thanks, Larry!). Also spent mucho time hacking away at my www.recordingstudiosearch.com website.

There's other stuff posted on the What's New part of endino.com for when I didn't have enough time to write a newsletter this past year. Couple new photos in the photo album. Still have plenty of the new Skin Yard CD left, and I'm about done with a Skin Yard "live" comp which will be sold from the website as one-off CDRs.

BTW, Steve Turner's making a solo album, and Stone (that guy who replaced him in Green River) is supposedly producing it (by one account I read) or playing bass on it (by another)! There's a new Wellwater Conspiracy CD "in the can", and I got to hear a couple tracks... it's typically weird. They're looking for a label. No, I'm not playing on it... John likes to play bass on his recordings!

Best bands I worked with this year:

1. Dirty Power (SF) ... a blend of 70's rock influences into something really amazing. Killer riffs and songs, great vocals, absolutely no cheese. I predict success on a massive scale, IF they are willing to tour their asses off. Look for it in March 2003.
2. Hot Hot Heat (Canada) ... already signed to Warner Bros. for their NEXT record! And still touring their asses off.
3. Feederz (Seattle)... Frank Discussion's comeback album, just as good as the old stuff (circa 1983). Out now.
4. Solanoid (UK)... we made a killer record, will someone please put it out?
5. Upwell (Seattle)... female/male team with outstanding songwriting, playing and singing, who made the most ambitious rock record I worked on this year. I am in awe of it. They do not have a label yet.
6. Gloryholes (Seattle)... most fun live band in Seattle, now that Zeke broke up. New record out in Feb 2003.
7. RC5 (Seattle)... just finishing their second record, which ups the ante on their already-amazing first one.
8. Camarosmith (Seattle)... featuring Jeff and Donny from Zeke on bass/drums, this band is already getting a serious buzz from the touring they've done even before their record is out (look for it in spring 2003).

Hottest upcoming indy label: Dead Teenager (SF).

A note: I might have to change my email address soon, for two reasons: because the spammers are onto me; and because so many people have my email in their address books, that every time one of them gets a Windows virus, I get sent a copy of the virus... I get a couple a day now, clogging my inbox, some of them with my own "faked" return address on them. If I don't check my email every day now, my POP mailbox fills with this crap and incoming mail starts bouncing. I have a Mac, so the viruses can't hurt my computer, but it's still getting to be a big pain. So, if you email me in the future, and it bounces, be sure to check the website and see if I've changed my address.

That's it for now, not much of a newsletter, but hope you all have a safe New Years Eve. As ever, let me know if you change your own email address. I'll try to do more newsletters next year.

Wishing you good recording and a better 2003,


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