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Jack Endino Newsletter 1.0 (7/1997)

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Hi y'all - welcome to my mailing list; I promise not to abuse it. This amounts to a test of my mailing list software, and I may query a couple of you at the bottom of the list separately to see if you got this - just to see how long a mailing list my software will handle.

Furthermore, for those of you in the Seattle area, I might as well mention that I'm playing a gig with Josh Sinder and Alex Sibbald, as the Suitcase Nukes (me on gtr and vocals) this friday, jul 25, at the Colourbox in downtown Seattle. There are four bands and I have been led to believe we are third but I'm skeptical so you might want to come early; besides, the band that is supposed to precede us, Sleep Capsule, is cool so you can't lose. Headlining is Suction who I've never heard, and I don't know who's opening. It's a bar so it's 21 and over, unlike our last show; sorry, but all-ages options in this town are limited.

Currently in the studio with a great band called Zeke, doing their 3rd album which will be their first for Epitaph. If they come to your town go see them, their music generates an instant mosh pit in even the smallest of clubs. All of us old guard Seattle geezers (Supersuckers, Tad, etc etc) think they're the hottest band in Seattle. As the singer/guitarist Mark said to the crowd at the start of one of their recent shows here, "Hi, we're Zeke; you know the drill... ONETWOTHREEFOUR---->>" Put it this way, no band around here will play AFTER them.

S'all for now, though I'm thinking of getting a bit technical with these so-called newsletters if nobody minds, and maybe explaining some geeky engineer things that often confront me, hopefully in plain language. Might even rant a bit. See ya!

Jack Endino

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