Recording Studio Search Engine: Incompatibilities and Known Bugs

2014 note: This site pushed the envelope back in 1999, but now it's pretty obsolete, and I've realized I may never be able to make it work on a smartphone unless I go back to college and major in database-driven dynamic web design. Which is unlikely. YMMV. I have not tested it on an iPad.

Check your browser preferences. This site is based on Javascript and (yes) frames. You'll need to have "Javascript Enabled" (Firefox/Chrome) or "Scripting Enabled"/"JScript Enabled" (Explorer). You don't need to enable "Java" however. Java is not Javascript.

If you find a bug, check the above list, then contact me and tell me as much detail as you can: what browser version you have, what operating system, and what triggered the error. REALLY helpful is if you tell me the error message you get, if any! Thanx. Happy browsing.


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