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I was wondering how many records I had played on over the years, in whatever musical capacity (OK, handclaps & tambourine parts don't count...) so I finally decided to make a list, for my own amusement and for anyone else who might care. Note: it makes me a bit uneasy to play on records that I am also producing/engineering, so I rarely suggest it; but IF people ASK me specifically, I rarely refuse. I like to play.

Boy, memory lane here... and I know I'm missing quite a few.

1986 - "Deep Six" Compilation LP, C/Z Records (various artists):
Played guitar on two songs by my band, Skin Yard, my first recorded appearance in any capacity.

1986 - "Skin Yard" Debut Album, C/Z Records:
Played Guitar and other noises and co-wrote all material, as on all other Skin Yard albums/singles. This is the first record I ever recorded.

1987 - Skin Yard, "Gelatin Babies/Bleed" single, C/Z Records:
Guitar and Slide Fuzz Bass.

1988 - Skin Yard, "Stranger/This Lonely Place" single, Toxic Shock Records:
Guitar and Slide Fuzz Bass.

1988 - Skin Yard, "Hallowed Ground", 2nd album, Toxic Shock: Lotsa guitar damage and slide bass.

1988 - Jimmy Bee and the Stingers, "Language of Tail Wagging" LP, Beeswax:
Blues guy, one of the nicest Reciprocal clients. I think I played bass on a couple of his songs.

1988 - "Secretions" Comp LP, C/Z Records (various artists):
Guitar on one Skin Yard track, drums on one Crypt Kicker Five track.

1988 - Big Tube Squeezer, "Mood Piece/Sweet Jane" single, Candy From a Stranger:
Played a guitar solo on one song by Whiting Tennis's excellent and underappreciated Seattle band.

1988 - Nirvana, "Spank Thru" (on the Sub>Pop 200 comp)
Kurt asked me to do a low, spoken backing vocal on the first verse.

1989 - Jack Endino, "Angle of Attack", Bobok Ltd (Toxic Shock):
My first solo album: played the drums, bass, guitar, vocals and some percussions bits. Greg Gilmore also played drums on a song, and added percussion to several.

1989 - Big Tube Squeezer, "I Have a Thing For Love" LP, Candy From a Stranger:
I think I played an itty bitty solo at the end of one song. Whiting's band, their full LP.

1989 - Skin Yard, "Start at the Top/Watch" single, Sub Pop:
Guitar and Slide Fuzz Bass again.

1989 - Screaming Trees, "Buzz Factory" SST:
Sang some low harmony backing vocals on one song.

1989 - Crypt Kicker Five, "Fourth Hole/Bedouin Stomp" single, C/Z Records:
Played drums, as I did for 5 years with this band, but the only other things we managed to release at the time were two compilation cuts.

1989 - Skin Yard, "Fist Sized Chunks", 3rd album, Cruz Records: Played all guitars except for Tommy Accused guesting on one song, and Helios Creed on another.

1990 - Mark Lanegan, "The Winding Sheet", Sub Pop:
Played bass on six songs (five are credited), and some wah guitar on the end of "Down in the Dark."

1991 - Skin Yard, "1000 Smiling Knuckles", 4th album, Cruz Records: All guitars and some slide bass.

1991 - Skin Yard, "Bulldog/1000 Smiling Knuckles" vinyl 10-inch, Cruz Records: All guitars.

1992 - "Endino's Earthworm" album, Cruz Records:
My second "solo" album. Played guitar, bass, drums and vocals on this; others included drummer Barrett Martin on four tunes (his first recorded performances, recorded 1989), Greg Gilmore, Dan House, Rob Skinner.

1992 - Screaming Trees, "Dollar Bill/Tomorrow's Dream/Peace in the Valley/Winter Song" CD single, Epic Records:
I got to record the last three of these songs (Lanegan singing Ozzy! Good, too!), and played slide guitar on this version of "Winter Song", though not on the album version. They couldn't credit me because I'm not a musician's union member, and technically you can't play on a major label release otherwise, because all the major labels (unlike indies) have union agreements. Didn't know that, did ya?

1993 - Hole, "Beautiful Son/Dakota/Old Age" single, City Slang (UK):
The "Encyclopedia of Northwest Rock" says Leslie Hardy played bass on these songs but that is not correct. She is mysteriously pictured on the sleeve but was not at the sessions, in fact I'm not sure if she ever actually joined the band. (??) I played bass on "Beautiful Son." Courtney played bass on the other songs. Hole had no bassist at the time. I recorded and mixed 'em all (in one or two days). Not credited because on the single, no one is credited for anything, so no big deal. Same song appears on the Geffen "Rarities" album.

1993 - Titãs, "Titanomaquia", Warner Brasil:
Played some guitar somewhere on here, one or two songs. Credited because the foreign major label affiliates do not have union agreements. Life is funny.

1993 - Skin Yard, "Inside The Eye", 5th album, Cruz Records: Lotsa guitar and some backing vocals.

1993 - Skin Yard, "Undertow/Inside the Eye/Kerosene (live)" vinyl 10 inch, Cruz Records: Lotsa guitar.

1994 - Guillotina, "Guillotina", Warner Mexico:
Played a guitar solo on one song.

1994 - Mark Lanegan, "Whisky for the Holy Ghost", Sub Pop:
Played bass on two songs.

1996 - Titãs, "Domingo", Warner Brasil:
Played some guitar on one song.

1996 - Guillotina, "Rock Mata Pop", Warner Mexico:
Played a guitar solo on one song.

1998 - The Day I Fell Down, "Sweet to be Strange", Samson Music:
Sang some Basso Profundo backing vocals on song "Chiaroscuro".

1999 - Hellacopters w/Scott Morgan, "Slow Down/16 With a Bullet" single, Sub Pop:
Played a short guitar solo at the start of one song. Honest, they made me do it.

1999 - Titãs, "As Dez Mais", Warner Brasil:
Played rhythm guitar on the song "Aluga-se", a Raul Seixas cover tune that became a hit single for Titãs in Brazil, plus played bass on another song.

2000 - Steve Detray, "Signs of Life":
Played bass on three songs on my old friend Steve's solo CD. Steve played with me in 1985 in Actual Size, and in the 60s was in a psych band called Ant Trip Ceremony!

2001 - Zen Guerrilla, "The Trooper/Mob Rules" single, Safety Pin Records (Spain):
Played 2nd guitar on their version of "The Trooper." (Run to the hills...)

2001 - Wellwater Conspiracy, "Of Dreams/Hal McBlaine" vinyl single, TVT Records:
Played bass on just the live version of Hal McBlaine here... recorded at Key Arena, Seattle, Nov. 6, 2000, while opening for Pearl Jam!

2001 - Therapy?, "Denim Demon" on the "Alpha Motherfuckers" Turbonegro comp-tribute CD (Germany):
Played rhythm guitar on Therapy's Turbonegro cover.

2001 - Titãs, "A Melhor Banda" CD, Abril Music (Platinum in Brazil.):
Played rhythm guitar on 8 songs, and bass on 3 songs.

2001 - Skin Yard, "Start At The Top" Singles/Rarities comp CD, C/Z Records:
All guitars, and some slide bass and backing vocals.

2005 - Upwell, "Number Nine" CD-EP:
Played bass on all 4 songs.

2005 - Jack Endino, "Permanent Fatal Error" CD, Wondertaker:
All guitars and vocals, plus drums and bass on three songs. Other drummers include Barrett Martin and Josh Sinder; other bassists include Pat Pedersen, Rob Skinner, Alex Sibbald.

2006 - The Milman-Brignall Enigma CD:
I played bass on the entire album, and probably did some backing vocals, percussion, possible guitar and God knows what else.

2007 - Kandi Coded, "Time Wasted Is Not Wasted Time" CD, Volcom Entertainment:
Played lead and other guitar on 4 songs.

2008 - The Black Clouds, "Wishing Well" CD:
I play a guitar solo on one song, "Dead Flowers" (not a Stones cover).

2008 - The Black Halos, "We Are Not Alone" CD:
That's me doing a quick slide guitar solo blast on the song "Migraine"!

2008 - Kandi Coded 4-song 7 inch EP on Flotation Records:
I play guitar on three songs and sing some backing vocals too.

2008 - The Saturday Knights "45" single, from their album on Light In The Attic Records:
I play drums in each chorus of this song! I'm in the video too...

2009 - Slippage, "Tectonica" CD:
I play drums and bass on this full album of very excellent, somewhat psychedelic, moody rock.

2009 - Kandi Coded/Valis SPLIT 7 inch, Volcom Entertainment:
Kandi Coded covered the obscure Ben Shepherd-penned Soundgarden B-Side "HIV Baby" in fine fashion! Ben liked it.

2010 - Kandi Coded, "Fell For The Gift" CD/LP, Volcom Entertainment:
Now a full band member, I played lead and a lot of rhythm guitar, co-wrote a lot of the music, and sang lead vocals on two songs. Pretty happy with this very loud rock and roll record, the best such "group" record I've played on since Skin Yard.

2012 - Nando Reis, "Sei" CD (Brazil):
I produced, but also played some nice bits of lead and slide guitar in several places on this excellent record.

Seattle's intentionally misspelled answer to Josh Homme's "Desert Sessions" series of records. A steady pilgrimage of wise guys to Johnny G's basement studio, making up songs on the spot, resulted in this amazingly coherent work of genius, on which I play miscellaneous guitar bits. Stay tuned for Vol 2.

2013 - 7 Kinds Of Monkeys, "Search For Gold" CD (Brazil):
Amaro Lima and his guitar player Ricardo Mendes came to Seattle from Brazil, and made a record with me producing and playing bass on the whole record, and Barrett Martin drumming!

2013 - Jack Endino, "Rumble" EP, Fin Records:
My fourth solo release, I play guitar and bass and sing. Drummers include Barrett Martin, Johnny G from Kandi Coded, and Dana Sims from Witchburn.

2014 - Endino's Earthworm/Basment Sessions Split 7", Tsurumi Records:
Side A is "Shadow World," an original tune with me singing, and Side B is the same band (the Earthworm) covering "7 And 7 Is" by Love, with guest lead vocals by Valient Himself from the band Valient Thorr! Bubba DuPree plays second guitar on both tunes.

(... That's a lotta stuff considering I never volunteer to do this! That's what happens when you are around musicians in the studio all the time...)

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