Titãs, 1984
(First album by Titãs)

First album. Looking pretty new-wave on the cover! (But that was the early 80's.) Several songs were re-recorded years later and became hits.

Songs: Sonífera Ilha, Marvin (Patches), Babi Índio, Go Back, Pule, Querem meu Sangue, Mulher Robot, Demais, Toda Cor, Balada para John e Yoko, Seu Interesse

Produced by:
Pena Schmidt

Arnaldo Antunes - Vocals
Paulo Miklos - Vocals
Branco Mello - Vocals
Sérgio Britto - Vocals and Hammond Organ
Nando Reis - Bass, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Marcelo Fromer - Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Tony Bellotto - Guitar, Acoustic guitar
Andre Jung - Drums

Recorded at: Studio "Audio Patrulha"