O Blesq Blom, 1989
(Title Untranslatable!), gold in Brazil

A more pop/electronic approach in the studio this time, generating several more hits and classic Titãs songs.

Songs: Miséria , Racio Símio, O Camelo e o Dromedário, Palavras, Medo, Flores, O Pulso, 32 Dentes, Faculdade, Deus e o Diabo

Produced by:

Tony Bellotto - guitars; acoustic gtr on "Flores", 12-str acoustic on "32 Dentes".
Arnaldo Antunes - vocals on "Medo", "O Pulso" and "Natureza Morta".
Charles Gavin - drums
Marcelo Fromer - guitars; acoustic gtr on "32 Dentes" and "Medo"
Nando Reis - bass; vocals in "Raciosimio" and "Faculdade"
Paulo Miklos - sax; vocals in "O Camelo e o Dromedário", "Miséria" and "Deus e o Diabo".
Sérgio Britto - keyboards; vocals in "Palavras", "Miséria" and "Deus e o Diabo"; keyboard programming on "Miséria" and "Deus e o Diabo".
Liminha - electronic drums in "Miséria", "Deus e o Diabo" and "Faculdade"; guitar in "O Pulso" and "Deus e o Diabo", electronic percussion in "O Camelo e o Dromedário"; keyboard programming in "O Pulso", "Miséria" and "Deus e o Diabo".

Song Arrangements: Titãs and Liminha

Recorded: Nas Nuvens - RJ - July to Sept 1989
Recording and mixing engineers: Brad Gilderman and Liminha
2nd engineers: Vitor Farias and Mauro Bianchi
Studio assistants: Mauro Bianchi, Milton Meier and João Carlos Fragoso
Cover: Arnaldo Antunes