Nando Reis, "Para Quando o Arco-Íris Encontrar o Pote de Ouro" 2000
"When the rainbow meets the pot of gold"

Second solo CD from Nando Reis,who traveled to Seattle to make this record with Jack Endino, with help from Jack's friends Barrett Martin on drums/percussion, and Alex Veley on keyboards. Vocal overdubs and mixing took place in Rio with Warner producer Tom Capone. The cover is the front door of Hanzsek Audio in Seattle.

Songs: Dessa Vez, All Star, Hey Babe, Quem vai dizer Tchau?, Frases mais Azuis, O Vento Noturno do Verão, Para Quando o Arco-Íris Encontrar o Pote de Ouro, Nosso Amor, Eles Sabem, No Recreio, Relicário

Produced by:
Jack Endino, Tom Capone and Nando Reis

Nando Reis: guitar, acoustic guitar and vocals
Barrett Martin: drums, percussion, marimba, vibes, etc etc.
Walter Villaca: guitar
Alex Veley: hammond, wurlitzer, clavinet, rhodes
Fernando: bass

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Artistic Direction: Tom Capone

Recorded: Ironwood Studios and Hanzsek Audio,Seattle
Recording Engineers : Jack Endino, Floyd, Don, Kip Beelman
Vocals and some guitars recorded in Rio by Tom Capone
Mixing in Rio de Janeiro: Tom Capone, Alvaro Alencar