Kleiderman, "Con El Mundo A Mis Pies" 1994
"With The World at my Fingers" ( in spanish!)

Sergio Britto and Branco Mello of Titãs concieved a mad scheme for a punk rock band named "Kleiderman" (named after piano balladeer Richard Clayderman) with Sergio on guitar, Branco on bass, their friend Roberta on drums, and all of them singing. This was the somewhat demented result.

Songs: O amor é uma coisa feia, Let me be your Nightmare, Nem Mãe... Nem Puta, All Rock Bands (Should Break Up Now), Dracula's Tea Bag, Con el mundo a mis Pies, Eu vou ficar dopado, O Colecionador, Testoterona, Roberta, Plastic, Não quero mudar, Lick my Dirt, Se eu sei que me faz mal, Êxtase, Nojo, Get me Higher

Produced by:

Sérgio Britto: guitar and vocals
Branco Mello: bass and vocals
Roberta Parise: drums and vocals

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