Jesus Nao Tem Dentes No Pais Dos Banguelas, 1987
"Jesus Has No Teeth in the Land of the Toothless", platinum in Brazil

Fourth studio record, and the band's strange sense of humor and knack for experimenting is getting clearer. Another huge record in Brazil.

Songs: Todo Mundo Quer Amor, Comida, O Inimigo, Corações e Mentes, Diversão, Infelizmente, Jesus Não Tem Dentes no País dos Banguelas, Mentiras, Desordem, Lugar Nenhum, Armas Pra Lutar, Nome aos Bois, Violência

Produced by:

Branco Mello - vocals
Paulo Miklos - vocals
Marcelo Fromer - guitar
Toni Bellotto - guitar
Arnaldo Antunes - vocals
Sérgio Britto - keyboards and vocals
Nando Reis - vocals and bass
Charles Gavin - drums and percussion
Liminha - drum machine, synth bass and guitar in "Comida" and acoustic gtr in "Desordem"

Artistic Direction: Liminha

Recorded: Studio Nas Nuvens, Rio de Janeiro
Recording Engineers: Victor Farias, Paulo Junqueiro
Mixing: Paulo Junqueiro and Liminha, except on "Diversão": Paulo Junqueiro, Vitor Farias and Liminha
Studio Assistants: Antoine Midani, Mauro Bianchi and Sérgio Chataignier
Mastering: Town House (London)