Go Back, 1988
"Go Back", platinum in Brazil

A sort-of-live record, based on shows they recorded in Switzerland, featuring updated re-workings of older songs.

Songs: Jesus Não Tem Dentes, Nome aos Bois, Bichos Escrotos, Pavimentação, Diversão, Marvin (patches), AA UU, Go Back, Cabeça Dinossauro, Massacre, Não Vou me Adaptar, Lugar Nenhum

Produced by:

Branco Mello: vocals
Paulo Miklos: vocals and sax
Marcelo Fromer: guitar
Toni Bellotto: guitar
Arnaldo Antunes: vocals
Sérgio Britto: keyboards and vocals
Nando Reis: vocals and bass
Charles Gavin: drums and percussion
Liminha: guitar

Artistic Direction: Liminha

Recorded Live at Mountain Recording Studios S.A. - Montreux, 8 July 1988.
Recording Engineer - Dave Richards
Mixing and Mastering: Swanyard Recording Studios Ltd. - London, Record Plant Inc. - Los Angeles, Nas Nuvens - Rio de Janeiro
Mixing and mastering engineers: John Lee, Joel Moss, Vitor Farias