Domingo, 1995
"Sunday", gold in Brazil

The band returns to the charts with a mixed album of pop, rock'n'roll, and typical Titãs craziness, generating several more hits. There is even one song sung in Italian.

Songs: Eu Não Aguento, Domingo, Tudo o Que Você Quiser, Rock Americano, Tudo em Dia, Vámonos, Eu Não Vou Dizer Nada, O Caroço da Cabeça, Ridi Pagliaccio, Qualquer Negócio, Brasileiro, Um Copo de Pinga, Turnê, Uns Iguais aos Outros

Produced by:
Jack Endino

Branco Mello: Vocals on songs 3, 5, 9, 11, 12 and 13.
Charles Gavin: Drums, samplers and rhythm programming.
Marcelo Fromer: Guitar and acoustic gtr on song 12.
Nando Reis: Bass, vocals on song 8, backing vocal and acoustic gtr on songs 8 and 12.
Paulo Miklos: Vocals on songs 2, 7, 10 and 14, backing vocal, keys on song 8, programming and editing of samplers, sax on song 9 and drums on song 12.
Sérgio Britto: Vocals on songs 1, 4, 6, 12, backing vocal, keys and third guitar on song 2 and 14
Toni Bellotto: Guitars and acoustic gtr.

Recorded at Bop Sound Studios, São Paulo, in September 1995.
Recording Engineer: Jack Endino.
Assistants: Laura Brantes, Beto Machado.
Roadies: Sombra Jones, Mario Amaral.
Executive Producer: Nelson Damascena.

Mixed at Hanzsek Audio, Seattle, in October, 1995.
Mixing Engineer: Jack Endino.

Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York City, in October 1995, by George Marino and Paulo Junqueiro.