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Endino's Earthworm. 35K JPEG.
Jack Endino, "Endino's Earthworm" (2nd "solo" album)

Cruz Records CRZ CD-021, issued on vinyl and CD spring '92. When Skin Yard fell apart in summer '89, Jack met up with a drummer named Barrett Martin and started jamming with him and Rob Skinner from Coffin Break. Wrote some songs, recorded a few, then somehow Skin Yard fell back together with Barrett as the drummer! Still, the concept of a band called "Endino's Earthworm" endured, and they managed to play a whole 4 shows over a 7-year period. Not bad, eh? This record is not as cohesive as a "group" album should be; after side one it reverts to "Angle of Attack" experimental territory, but what the hell, it's still a listening experience, and Jim's killer cover art looks great on a T-shirt (see Jack's Garage Sale).

Out of print... Copies are available here!

Interested in Realaudio clips?

Cover art © 1991 by Jim Blanchard. (Write to Jim at P.O. Box 20321, Seattle, Wa 98102 and request the Beef Eye Publications catalog. You'll be glad you did.)

Those who played:

Jack Endino: guitar, vocals; bass on 4,6,7,8; drums on 4,6,7.
Rob Skinner: bass on 1,2,3,5; bkg vox on 1.
Barrett Martin: drums on 1,2,3,5.
Greg Gilmore: drums on 8,9.
Daniel House: bass on 9.

The Songs (all by Jack unless noted otherwise):

1. How Much Time
2. Talk Yourself Blind
3. American Nightmare (Revisited) [music Jack, lyrics Jack/Ben] (The Skin tune, but I was never happy with the band's version...what am I, Pete Townsend or something?)
4. Someone
5. Eat Your Friends [music/lyrics Jack, but Rob Skinner wrote the cool bass part.]
6. See Right Through Me
7. Inside My Head [music Matt Cameron/Jack/D. House] (A lost Skin Yard instrumental from '85, had to do my own version.)
8. Fly On Your Windshield (Demo) (Created out of a recording of an improv jam with Greg Gilmore. Had enough structure to build an actual song on top of it. Never could recapture it again. One of my favorite things I've ever done.)
9. Suspension of Disbelief [Endino/Gilmore/House] (Indeed. Make what you can of it. This is REAL music, pal... I'm serious. It's live, no dubs...)

[Another nominally "Earthworm" record is in the works, and then there's the Suitcase Nukes too...]

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